What is FertilityDX™?

FertilityDX™ is a comprehensive service utilizing a parental genetic assessment to identify barriers to pregnancy and birth. Understanding genetic mutations associated with infertility allows providers to view obstacles that patients may face along their course of treatment. This genetic assessment acts as a map to help physicians and their patient identify the best path to a successful pregnancy.

FertilityDX™ evaluates:

  • contributors to (or causes of) infertility
  • risks of pregnancy complications
  • risks for serious genetic conditions in parents and offspring

FertlityDX™ provides you and your patients with insights that will help you understand risks associated with miscarriage, pregnancy complications, birth defect, and possible future health problems.

How will FertilityDX™ help me?

Test and service includes:

  • Robust suite of up-to-date laboratory technologies
  • Extensive personalized patient counseling regarding test results and risk reduction
  • Explicit, medically relevant results
  • Easy to understand report, including genetic findings for each partner, as well as a couple’s summary
  • Genetic counselors and physician specialists

What benefits does FertilityDX™ bring my practice?

FertilityDX™ will help identify infertility casues, optimize fertility treatments, and reduce risk of complications.

  • Streamline preconception evaluation of patients
  • Improve implantation and pregnancy rates
  • Identify opportunities for indicated embryo testing and egg freezing

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